How Auto Trader UK, the UK’s largest automotive marketplace, uses Istio and Google Kubernetes Engine to drive changeHow Auto Trader UK, the UK’s largest automotive marketplace, uses Istio and Google Kubernetes Engine to drive changeHead of Corporate UKI, Google Cloud

Matthew Louisville Cloud – SEO – Web Design Brand-new or second-hand? Diesel or electric? Convertible or SUV? Buying a car means choosing from a plethora of options, and that can be hard for some people to navigate. As a result, retailers are constantly rethinking their technology offerings—which means digital transformation must move just as fast. […]

7 Free Home Value Estimators Tested. Were They Accurate?

  In a previous article on we noted the costs associated with inaccurate home value estimates for sellers and buyers.  More Accurate Than Chase Home Value Estimator was the only site that offered both the speed and flexibility of the online guesstimator sites with the accuracy associated with a real estate agent’s home value comparison report. […]

Backlinks 101 – SEO’s Off-page Often Ignored Power Ranker

First off a little disclosure this article over laps the Backlinks category of the FAQ. What Are Backlinks? Backlinks are links from other sites.  Think of them as votes of affirmation.  Only one vote can come from a domain so for SEO purposes it doesn’t matter if there are 100 or 1 link from the same […]

Setting a course to the future of cloud computingSetting a course to the future of cloud computingEditorial Lead, Google Cloud

Matthew Louisville Cloud – SEO – Web Design Good technologies solve problems. Great ones deliver new ways to think about ourselves and the future. Think of the rich worlds seen through the telescope and the microscope, or space explorations that have broadened the sense of our place in creation. There is that “bicycle for the […]

PBNs: Private Blog Network – The Crack Habit Of SEO

First off, lets note that PBNs are not viewed well in traditional SEO ( and are hunted like witches in Massachusetts in the 1600s.  They must be large to matter, having anywhere between 20 to several thousand sites. They are the equivalent of building dozens of WordPress sites taking hours and hours from other SEO […]

MAJOR GOOGLE SEO CHANGE FOR SOME: Website Traffic CREDITED To Where Google Chooses

Consolidating your website traffic on canonical URLs Wednesday, February 06, 2019 In Search Console, the Performance report currently credits all page metrics to the exact URL that the user is referred to by Google Search. Although this provides very specific data, it makes property management more difficult; for example: if your site has mobile and […]

From CCIE to Google Cloud Network Engineer: four things to think aboutFrom CCIE to Google Cloud Network Engineer: four things to think aboutSolution Architect, Google Cloud

Louisville Cloud – SEO – Web Design From a configuration, operation, and troubleshooting standpoint, the cloud has a lot of roads to the proverbial top of Mount Fuji. Figure 5 shows the different the different paths available. You are free to choose the one that best maps to your skill level and is most appropriate […]

Adwords Template With Search Console, Google Analytics In Data Studio

SEO ( & PPC Data Studio Report Using Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Search Console All-In-One Template Google Data Studio Reports are some fun things.  Here at Ultimate SEO ( you love visualizations and thats partially why we like Data Studio. Beyond the looks its also integrated easily with Google Sheets, Google Analytics and Search Console […]

Adwords And Google Data Studio: Wordstream Alternative

  I’ve been managing Google Adwords campaigns for political campaigns mostly but recently I stepped out into managing the Adwords campaigns for an IT consulting company. It’s a little bit of a challenge I’m not going to lie. More than just matching the search with the keyword I need to attract only business customer and […]

How To Rank Your Site On Google…Forget the Keywords

Well don’t totally forget the keywords but I think if you spend more than 5 minutes on keywords you’re going to be pretty surprised by some purported data I stumbled across.  As you likely know Google uses about 200 factors in determining your sites ranking.  I personally have place a lot of emphasis on speed […]